Helping GE Healthcare Achieve Computerworld Data+ Editors’ Award

GE Healthcare recently won the Data+ Editor’s Choice Award from Computerworld for their ability to make smart decisions for their organizations. By leveraging Talend ESB, GE Healthcare was able to migrate with zero disruption to its customers as well as speed up transaction processing.

After GE Healthcare learned that their integration engine from Oracle was being retired, they quickly needed to choose a replacement ESB for their Centricity EDI Services Clearinghouse. The team had three main goals: not to cause disruption to its customers, comply with industry standards and SLA’s, and lastly adapt for growth in transaction volume.

Today, GE Healthcare’s insurance claims and reimbursement systems are functioning flawlessly, Bharadwajan says. “We have seen that Talend can handle twice the peak transaction volume that our previous solution was able to manage with similar hardware,” he says.

Talend ESB was able to reduce the time spent in each transaction, which adds up quickly given the number of transactions that are processed through their clearinghouse.

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